Strategic Planning Executive and Team Coaching Organisational Development and HR Change Management Project Management

We can offer you the following business solutions, depending upon your specific needs.

  • Align Vision / Mission / Values - define your organisation's long-term purpose for existence (mission), desired aim (vision), and belief system (values).

  • Develop a Business Strategy - determine the direction of your business for the next 2-5 years, depending upon market volatility and industry / global trends.

  • Executive Coaching - understand your own leadership style, strengths and challenges. Get coaching on personal development, business performance and on mentoring and coaching others.

  • Transition Planning - make a smooth transition into your new role, whether you are a first time leader, seasoned leader, or a new employee.

  • Team Dynamics Coaching - receive on-going coaching on how to effectively lead or participate in a co-located team to improve team performance levels and promote collaboration within and across teams.

  • Organisation Development - use the information gained from understanding organisational systems to determine an executable plan and specific OD and change interventions to facilitate change and improve performance at organisational, team, and individual levels.

  • Organisation Design - align the structure of your organisation with your strategy, work processes, systems, and customer/market demands to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and coordination at various levels and interfaces. Make the changes needed to maintain your company’s viability and competitiveness.

  • Meeting and Conference Facilitation - leverage a deep understanding of interpersonal dynamics to influence meeting dynamics. Lead teams and individuals through a facilitated, collaborative meeting, workshop, or conference to deliver successful outcomes.

  • Organisational Learning - use continuous organisational learning, knowledge sharing and on-the-job coaching principles and methods to gain and sustain competitive advantage.

  • Strategic Staffing - identify segments of your workforce that are most critical to your organisation's success and develop action plans to engage them fully where you need them most and retain critical knowledge and experience.

  • Change Management Implementation - apply proven methodologies, tools, and processes to your unique situation and environment to facilitate sustainable organisational change.

  • Project Communications - design and implement a two-way communications plan that lets your people know what is happening by when, why and how.

  • Stakeholder Management - actively manage your relationships with key stakeholder groups or individuals that can impact the success of your organisation and/or the momentum of a change effort.

  • Training Design and Delivery - design, implement, and evaluate your training plans as part of a larger learning and development strategy or change effort.

  • Project Management - apply project management methodology, tools, and processes to better enable project tracking, reporting and success.

  • Leading a Project Team - know how to select, prepare, assess, and lead a project team to accomplish its objectives on-time and within budget. Enable a team-based culture focused on participation, innovation, empowerment and on delivering desired results.