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We are a group of highly skilled business consultants that enjoy collaborating and challenging each other and our clients to produce amazing results. Meet some of the team...







Monique Carnino is a multi-skilled Business Management Consultant and Executive Coach, specialising in Organisational Development, Change Management, Leadership Development, HR Consultancy and Organisation Design. She has over fifteen years of experience working with executive management teams and individual clients to create corporate strategies, corporate profiles, organisation designs, risk management plans, business plans, business improvement projects, leadership development programs, set-up new HR departments and much more for industries such as energy, finance, IT, aviation, and telecoms. She has a successful track record of working with others to bring about bottom line performance improvement results and changes in the way people work, think and behave.

Monique has designed and facilitated multiple whole system change global and regional interventions by understanding and setting objectives with key clients, managing diverse teams, procuring appropriate resources and creating productive learning environments. She has often worked in high pressure, highly ambiguous environments in multiple countries and can adapt her interventions and flex her approach accordingly. Before starting her own business, Know How Now, she managed large-scale business improvement programs and major transformational change programs for Royal Dutch Shell, and she provided ongoing coaching to global and regional leadership teams both inside and outside of Shell. For example, she led risk management and alignment conferences with senior leaders and government officials in Eastern Europe to define a global energy company’s strategy and vision, identify its risks, and prepare a plan of action. She then led a client team to complete that plan over several years and sustain the needed changes in the organisation. She has lived in eight countries on 4 continents and travelled extensively to over 65 countries.

Monique enjoys bringing out the best in people and seeing them excel in areas where they have real passion and drive. She has a strong business focus and can see the bigger picture whilst paying attention to the details. Monique is goal orientated and loves continuously learning and collaborating with others to deliver targeted results.

In addition to an MBA (University of St. Thomas, 1998) and a BSc in Psychology (Texas A&M University, 1994), she has completed many globally recognised accreditations in organisational development, change management, executive and team coaching, project management, and HR.

Monique is a founding member of the Africa Organization Design Forum and a member of the global Organisational Development Network, the International Association of Facilitators, Duke Corporate Education’s Global Learning Resource Network, Africa Association of Change Management Professionals, and the South Africa Organisational Development Network (SAODN). She was also on the Board of the SAODN in 2012.

BILL ZYBACH - Syngineer

Bill Zybach is an expert in leading large-scale high engagement business, government, and community transformational change initiatives through the use of participative, whole system change approaches. He is highly experienced in innovative business design, restructuring, transformation, technology management and implementation, socio-technical organizational development, and program management with over 30 years of experience across public and private sectors.

Bill brings accelerated large group change methodologies that he has developed from, and in collaboration with, gurus such as Jay Galbraith, Margaret Wheatley, Stu Winby, Dick and Emily Axelrod, Naomi Stanford, Harrison Owens, Marilynn Emory, and Carolyn Lukensmyer. He has engaged in short and long-term projects with these well-known colleagues to accelerate sustainable change.

Bill has worked in the Department of Agriculture, US Department of Health, as well as other federal, state and local governments to bring employees, scientists, politicians, and diverse interest groups together to create collaborative strategic and tactical solutions that are responsive to changing ecosystems. For example, he enabled 10 Federal regional offices to implement Total Quality Management successfully. He worked with former Vice President Al Gore on the “Reinventing Government” program which resulted in, by the end of the Clinton Administration, a balanced federal budget, and for the first time since the Kennedy Administration, an increase in the public’s impression and confidence in government. Bill is a global speaker on Organization Design and Alignment and creator of the 3 Horizons of Work framework which integrates Organization Design, Organization Development and Change Management to align change interventions within an organizational context.

In 2012 and 2013, Bill designed and facilitated engagement processes in South Africa that brought cross-disciplinary global innovators and national leaders together to create new solutions to long-standing challenges, including designing and facilitating the Flourish Conference on behalf of the South Africa Organisational Development Network and the Africa Organisation Design Forum.

Bill sits on the global Organization Design Forum’s Board of Directors and is a founding member of the Africa Organization Design Forum. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration, 6 years of postgraduate education from the world-renowned Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (USA), and extensive training in organisational design, development and change methodologies.


Rich Thayer is a seasoned Organisation Effectiveness Consultant who has been supporting corporate, government, and non-profit executives and leaders for over 37 years in articulating, diagnosing, planning, and implementing successful change programs. His extensive experience with global energy companies includes supporting the Royal Dutch Shell corporate restructuring in 2009, working on the team that designed the North Caspian Operating Company in Kazakhstan, leading the planning for Sakhalin Energy’s transition from mega-project to production company, developing the Shell International Science Symposia, implementing a new global technical function, merger of separate US and global R&D organizations, redesign of Shell’s Gulf of Mexico Shelf Division and implementation of self-contained asset work teams, implementing an enterprise-wide Change Management Framework, and leading several successful OD/OE Departments in Shell. He has learned the importance of getting the right stakeholder involvement and know-how to incorporate novel designs. He owns Rich-Change consulting company and is based in Richmond, Virginia.

Rich holds many globally recognised certifications in leadership, process improvement, team development, and coaching. He has co-authored two guidebooks: Organization Designs That Work (1999) and Process Improvement Guide (1995). He holds a PhD (1975) and MS (1974) in Geophysics and a BS in Physics (1969) from Brown University (USA).

Rich is an active member of the global Organization Design Forum, Chesapeake Bay Organization Development Network, Baltimore Quaker Peace and Justice Committee, and the Friends School Marketing / Communications Committee.


Janet du Preez is a passionate, provocative and creative thinker in the fields of organisational development and engagement who specialises in the development of innovative products and interventions which promote the effectiveness of individuals, teams, organisations and communities and enable the delivery of strategic imperatives.

Janet is uniquely qualified with Masters level studies in health sciences, psychology and business, to understand the psychological and practical systems which underlie behaviour and outcomes. Her broad-based work experience includes time spent in governmental, non-profit and volunteer organisations, small, medium and corporate businesses, service and trade enterprises, retail, financial and medical industries. She has worked with people in environments as diverse as credit control, call-centre team leadership, sales, and customer service.  A Gallup-trained Strengths Performance Consultant for individuals and teams, she describes herself as a strategic maximiser and engagement protagonist, constantly alert for good people, good ideas and good systems which can be made even more effective. Janet provides a wealth of diverse knowledge upon which she draws, as required, with her emphasis being on sustainable application rather than adding to information overload. It also drives her to utilise creative teaching techniques and to prize enjoyable, interactive and participative transformational experiences over formal unidirectional training approaches.

Janet is the creative visionary and owner of Tools of Greatness which is dedicated to providing human capital and organisational development resources to individuals, teams, organisations and communities which will promote their effectiveness. She was the original Convenor of the Gauteng Branch of the South African Organisation Development Network and on the faculty of the Academy for Organisational Change in 2010 and 2011 and is still on the Academic Board of the renamed Worldsview Academy for Organisational Change. She has consulted to and trained clients from Microsoft, the Corrosion Institute, Private Health Administrators, Sappi, BMW, Internet Solutions, Pick ‘n Pay, Sedibeng Municipality, KPMG, Bayer, Smollan, GP Retail, The National Research Foundation, the IDC and Thebe Medical.


Peter Meyer is a senior business leader, strategy consultant and programme/project manager with international business development, operational, consultancy and interim management experience. Peter has a proven track record of developing and running new businesses and business units, delivering projects, improving performance, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. He has successfully turned around under-performing projects and projects behind schedule for clients from the public sector through to large corporate banks. Peter is strong problem solver and analytical thinker. He can engage well at all levels.

Peter began his consulting career with Ernst & Young in 1998 and left 4 years later to start PNM Consulting where he works directly with clients and with many large and medium sized consultancies in the UK, the Middle East and Africa to manage projects.

Peter has worked across numerous industry sectors including Aerospace and Government. He has worked for Ernst & Young as a Principal Consultant, Total, Contax and as an independent consultant and he has delivered projects for clients including (but not limited to) The Department for Education (UK), The Ministry of Defence, BAE Systems, Standard Bank, Nedcor, Man Investments, Engen, AXA, Sanlam, Shell, BP, Diageo.

Peter has lived and worked in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He has an Engineering degree from WITS University, an MBA from the University of Cape Town, and a diploma in Project Management.


Monique has lived and worked on 4 continents and has travelled extensively to over 65 countries. She began her own consultancy business in 2010 and currently resides in Fourways, South Africa.

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